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On this site you will find sample security policy templates which you can download and modify to meet the requirements of your own organisation. You will also find numerous information security policies, including a password security policy, internet and e-mail acceptable use policies.

You will also find information relating to best practice in providing an IT Service. PRINCE2 for project management and ITIL for IT service delivery.

Information Security Policies

To protect their IT infrastructure and information organisations should develop and implement appropriate security policies.

Any security policy will need to be complete, up to date and reflect the organistions needs. The security policy should mitigate the risks faced by the organisation and determine appropriate controls.

Organisations are advised to adopt ISO 27002 'Information Technology - Code of Practice for Information Security Management' as a basis for their security policies.

Once the security policy has be written it needs to be put in place within the organisation. It needs to be communicated to employees, contractors and other personnel to ensure that they undestand the security policy and what is required.

The security policies available here can be used as a basis for an organisations security policy.

Security Alerts

The latest IT security and anti virus alerts are available at the links below.

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Ruskwig provides security policy templates, security policies and an encryption package.

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