Ruskwig was established in the late 1990's by Chris Stone BSc MSc CITP CEng FBCS MIET A.Inst.ISP - PRINCE2 Practitioner.

The site was one of the first to make security policies and security policy templates available on the Internet. To date over hundreds of thousand security polices have been distributed world wide.

Ruskwig has also made available a highly innovative encryption package utilising random encryption techniques.

Ruskwig is now operated by TruePersona Ltd www.truepersona.com .

What is Ruskwig

Ruskwig has no particular meaning, it is just a made up name that nobody else uses.

If RUSKWIG was an anagram it would probably stand for - Realistic Useable Sample Knowledge, Workable Information and Guidance.


Ruskwig aims to provide a complete set of sample knowledge and information to allow an organisation to successfully run its information technology systems and manage its information.

Ruskwig aims to provides security knowledge and security policies to assist organisations and individuals to keep their computing environment secure. Ruskwig provides IOS27001 and ISO27002 security policies.

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